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Security in South London | Putting Safety First

We at Rage are an experienced team of trusted professionals who specialise in Covert, Overt, System and Perimeter security in South London. With highly professional and skilled officers, dog handlers and more, our security in South London is second to none. Whether you need a guard for a front-of-house, a store, Waking Watch, or a dog handler for an industrial unit, we can do it all. Whatever you need, we’re confident that we have the bespoke security in South London for you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today to discuss your security in South London requirements.

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    Security Solutions South London

    When it comes to reliable and effective security solutions in South London, look no further than our expert team at Rage LTD. We take pride in offering top-tier security services tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses and individuals in the South London area.

    Our commitment to providing the best security solutions in South London sets us apart. With years of experience and a highly trained team, we deliver comprehensive security services that encompass Covert, Overt, System, and Perimeter security. We understand the importance of safeguarding your property, assets, and peace of mind.

    At Rage LTD, we prioritise professionalism and excellence in all our security services. Our team includes skilled officers, dedicated dog handlers, and other security professionals who are ready to ensure your safety and protection.

    Whether you require security for your front-of-house, retail store, Waking Watch services, or industrial unit, we have the expertise and resources to cater to your specific needs. Our security solutions in South London are designed to be flexible, responsive, and, most importantly, effective.

    By choosing Rage LTD, you’re opting for the best security solutions South London has to offer. We understand the unique security challenges faced by businesses and residents in this area, and we are dedicated to providing solutions that deliver results.

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    Overt Security In South London | Our Solutions

    Manned Guarding Security in South London

    As security in South London solutions, manned guarding provides physical personnel as a presence to deter any criminal activity. Our manned guards hold valid and appropriate Security Industry Authority licences and are recruited in line with the BS7858:2019 vetting standards. We offer manned guarding for a range of environments to ensure the protection of premises, personnel, assets and more. Please don’t hesitate to contact us about our manned guarding security in South London.

    Dog Handling Security in South London

    Security dogs are an effective deterrent against criminal activity and unauthorised persons. Dogs are a great deterrent and are fiercely loyal to the task. Our dog handlers work with specially trained dogs to help detect and prevent crime, find lost or missing people and protect property. We work in a range of environments to ensure complete security in South London. Let our dog handlers at Rage Ltd ensure your safety and security in South London, speak to us today.

    Waking Watch Security in South London

    Fire safety and security in South London is essential. We work alongside Fire Safety Consultants and Fire & Rescue Services throughout the UK to deliver Waking Watch fire marshals services that put safety first. Waking Watch also referred to as ‘fire watch’ consists of a team of highly trained professionals patrolling any multi-occupancy at regular intervals throughout a 24hr period. Please don’t hesitate to contact us about our waking watch security in South London.

    Mobile Patrols Security in South London

    Where security in South London is concerned, prevention is better than cure. A highly visible and overt attendance can deter any opportunist or planned intrusions. Maybe our initial security assessment has highlighted a weak spot which requires a slightly elevated security presence as opposed to a more comprehensive package. Mobile patrols can be a cost-effective way to increase your security in South London and disrupt any breach. Speak to us today for more information.

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    Rage | Manned Guarding | Waste Clearance | Dog Handlers | Security

    Covert Security In South London | Our Solutions

    Aerial Surveillance

    Drone-assisted security in South London surveillance or surveys on private land or commercial space is a discrete way of gaining intelligence of potential or active breaches. Our drone pilots are experienced in covert flying and identifying appropriate sources to support your case or build a required security portfolio. Intelligence lead security in South London allows you to employ effective security in South London measure but also saves incredible amounts of money. Contact us today to book your initial review.

    Mobile Surveillance Teams

    Our security in South London covert surveillance is great for commercial clients trying to understand where unexplained losses are coming from or supporting Local Authorities. Our teams have assisted in thousands of cases which have either been successful in court or positive settlements for our clients beforehand. All security in South London employed by us is in line with the Private Security Act 2001. Why not give us a call to understand your options for deploying legal and responsible surveillance?

    Professional Witness

    For additional security in South London, our covert assets deploy to a targeted area to monitor a particular incident or event such as anti-social behaviour. Our security in South London teams are aware of the correct information one must gather to support police statements and subsequent questioning in court where required. Using a Professional Witness can be beneficial when you have persistent offending and a lack of desire from the local population to assist.

    System Security in Essex

    In addition to Covert and Overt security in Essex, we also offer a range of security systems in South London including Domestic & Commercial CCTV, Temporary CCTV and Intruder Alarms.

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    Perimeter Security in South London

    In addition to Covert and Overt security in South London, we also offer a range of perimeter in Essex including Heras Fencing, Hoardings, Palisade Fencing and more.

    How much does security in South London cost?

    The cost of security in South London will vary depending on several factors. We recommend getting in touch with us for more information and a FREE quote.

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    Why choose us?

    Experienced Team

    Our senior team have a wealth of knowledge from years spent operating within military and police environments bringing that experience to the private sector.

    Range of Services

    We offer a range of covert and overt security in South London including Manned Guarding, Dog Handlers, Mobile Patrols, Aerial Surveillance, Perimeter Security Solutions and more.

    Bespoke Security Packages

    We offer bespoke packages suitable for corporate or private individual security needs using a variety of measures including security risk assessments or immediate deployment.

    FREE Quotes

    Whether your needs are general-purpose security in South London or complicated covert surveillance projects, we have the solution for you. Get in touch with us for a FREE quote.

    If you’re looking for security in South London, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Rage Ltd today for more information.




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